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Alien 3 - The Unfilmed Script

Original Score

Alien 3 was a notoriously troubled movie production which went through several scripts and directors, even before filming began. Vincent Ward's script is the most bizarre of the many they didn’t use. Alien 3 - The Unfilmed Script was first performed as a stage show at Webster's Theatre Glasgow by Shows on a Shoestring & Scare Scotland in October 2019 with an original score by James Ringer-Beck.

After years of drifting through space, Lt Ripley finds herself on (or is it in?) a strange wooden planet, falling apart and inhabited entirely by monks, some whom don’t seem to be entirely human. Where in the universe is she? Are these monks friends or foes?  What is going on?

Something else has followed Ripley through space and threatens the delicate balance of life on this monastery of a planet… join Ripley as she becomes the leader of an unlikely crew, setting out to fight the Xenomorph and save themselves.

The Original Score for the Shows on a Shoestring & Scare Scotland production is available now, edited and arranged specially, and includes two bonus tracks.

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